IPL Ice Cool Hair Removal Technology


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High quality

Cool & Easy

2 Year



Painless Hair

3 in 1

End hair growth with IPL technology

It works with intensive light technology to gloatate hair follicles and stop hair growth gradually within 3 months.

Features of Product: Gold
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1- The number of shots is 900,000 beats

2- Cold snow that is painless and gives a comfortable feeling during use

3- You can turn off the activation of the cooling feature to make the device hot and give more effective results

4. Works directly on electricity

5- Pulse scrolling means no need to press any button to release pulses

Just press the “+/-” button to activate the automatic and fast swipe feature.

6- The pulsed light force of IPL WAVE POWER is 2200 nm and is one of the highest powered household appliances.

7. The device is lightweight because it does not contain a battery to be easy to use during the session

The machine consists of 5 strike forces as needed.

9. The device was designed and manufactured in the USA

10. The device is based on an elegant base and contains protective glasses during use

11- Three filters, one to end hair growth and the other to clear the face from acne, based on a unique technique by killing bacteria that cause blisters and the third filter to stimulate the skin to release collagen to combat wrinkles and regenerate skin cells.

12. A modern Digital screen showing the strike counter used and the characteristics and effectiveness of the device

Instructions Use:

1- Please remove the current hair with the mousse to keep the hair follicles present.

2- It is not permissible to shower and use the device in a session not to leave the skin moist during use

3- Do not use any moisturizing creams before the session

4- Using the device is a session every ten days for 8 months and then a session every 21 days

5. Even if the rate of hair growth decreases, regular sessions continue

6- The device is not used on wounds, moles, tattoos, nipple areas, breasts and vagina

7. Use the appropriate strike force for endurance, but preferably use the highest force

8. Not being exposed to direct sunlight two hours before or after the session

9. The device is not used for pregnant women and it is preferable not to use it during pregnancy

10. Use the blue filter once every two weeks and the orange glasses filter once every 20 days

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In the box

1- Deess Pro Cold and Carrying Base Device

2- Electric charger and charging cable

3- Three multi-tasking filters, filter to end hair growth, filter for filtering the face, filter for regenerating skin cells

4. One sunglasses Protection

5. Manual book in English

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